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An inborn healer, Deeshal, also known as Bhamesh, is a Holistic Healer and Therapist. He has been engaged into energy and hands-on healing since he was a kid. As a healer, he is involved in energy healings (hands-on healings), alternative therapies (involving massage, ayurvedic therapies, reflexology, osteopathy (CTM), acupressure, just to name a few). Crystal therapy is another modality that has been into his practice. It has been since more than a decade that he has been initiating interested people into Reiki and other energy modalities. During his life journey, he got the opportunity to get into the science of Géobiologie. As a Géobiologue, also known as a Geopathic Stress Surveyor, he detects energy imbalances caused by various earth influences and finds ways and means to harmonise those discrepancies for better health, harmonious living environment, and in creating a sacred space for spiritual purposes. He merges ancient wisdom with modern techniques to reach that harmony. If asked who he is, he simply says ‘I am a Multidimensional Being Living in a Multidimensional Reality’ and his passions are, among others, about the Realms of Energy.


It has been some years since he has been in the healing arts and what started as a hobby, soon became his passion. Along the way, he has studied many more energy and healing modalities, and made many wonderful friends, both  locally and internationally.

He never intended to practise any of the healing modalities he studied. As he said, it started as a hobby, but when he saw the amazing effects these modalities had, he started helping friends etc and one thing led to another... He doesn't offer anything that he hasn't tried himself and that he can genuinely say, has improved his life and made him a happier person. 


It will be a great honour for him to share his journey, and knowledge with you. 

If he could give you one piece of advice, it would be to trust your instinct. There are so many healing modalities out there, it is very tempting to try them all. If you are drawn to one particular modality, go for it. Find a practitioner you feel comfortable with, someone you can see yourself opening to, as this will increase the chances of you having a wonderful healing experience.  The pratitioner is but a tool, a channel for the Divine. But the truth is, all the answers you seek are within you.

Wishing you the brightest flowers on your path :)

With much Love, Light, Gratitude and Abundance...